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Dreaming of Spring

Dreaming of Spring

(In addition to re-blogging my FabFree posts here I am also going to begin showing items that are not free, but things I like none the less. I hope you do too! )

For  the past week I’ve had small tastes of Springtime. The weather has become warmer, I’ve seen the birds migrating, and even a few bugs swarming my head as I’ve walked the dog. But, like the beginning of anything, you sometimes find yourself waiting on the bench for things to finally happen… the first tulip to emerge from the ground, the birds of spring to start singing their tune or just for that special moment with someone you want to share some time with. But, I have to remember that it is still February and I awoke to snow on the ground this morning… I guess Spring will just have to wait…

I am really loving the menswear I’m finding at A&D Clothing. And it isn’t just the clothing. I really like the HUDS that come with the fatpacks. There are so many customization options to make each piece your own look. From the buttons to belt buckles, and cuffs to liners,  the options are endless.

I have also become a fan of RK Poses. It started with the couples group gift poses (there are several free ones for members) but lately I’ve been exploring their single poses for men. The poses look very lifelike and not static and wooden as you so often see. The posturing of the body and hand positions are carefully, and in my opinion, wonderfully presented.

I hoped you liked my non-free addition to the blog and hope to do more in the future.
Thanks for reading!

Carson is wearing…

Shirt: A&D Clothing – Howard Shirt   (199L ea/1299L fatpack)
Pants: A&D Clothing – James Jeans    (199L ea/1299L fatpack)
Shoes: A&D Clothing– Innsbruck Shoes   (199L ea/1299L fatpack)
Mesh Body: ADAM – Male Mesh Body
Hair: no.match – No Cloud

Pose: RK Poses – Finn_2    ( 50L ea/250L fatpack)

Sim: Private


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Collector’s Box

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL


The Collector strikes…

With the precision of a trained assassin, he strikes….
I forgot I had this sitting in my To-Do folder and wanted to get it out before I forgot about it while taking a weekend break. check out the CREATORS COLLECTION BOX for several free gifts at the vendor booths. I scored big at the Gabriel booth picking up the Stripe Rap Hoodie and the Twin Body Bag, both FREE gifts for just stopping by. I also picked up the FREE tattoo gift from the Universal Designs booth. The OneLifeOneDestiny Tattoo comes with the following appliers:

  • Belleza
  • Maitreya
  • Omega
  • Signature
  • Slink
  • TMP
  • Standard Tattoo Layer

Enjoy your weekend be it SL or RL!

Carson is wearing…

Top: Gabriel – Stripe Rap Hoodie (FREE Gift @ CREATORS COLLECTION BOX)
Accessory:Gabriel – Twin Body Bag (FREE Gift @ CREATORS COLLECTION BOX)
Tatoo: *Universal Design* – OneLifeOneDestiny (FREE Gift…

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Someone to Watch Over Me

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL


Tired and taking a rest…

I’ve been very busy the past week, that I’m just exhausted. So I’m slowing down and taking a little rest. Today’s look comes from HORR Menswear. The Tac-One Sweater is one of the great gifts that can be found for FREEon the Loving Kind Hunt 2. The sweater comes in Sizes XS_XL and for the following body types

  • ADAM
  • Aesthetic
  • Gianni
  • Slink
  • TMP

My little friend comes by way of  Pop Art. The Milk Shake Cat is a FREE group gift to members and the group is free to join. My pose, Watching You from ENIIPose is a couples pose (/me looks around) but was cute enough to do as a single. I picked this up in-store for just $25L. I’ll see you after a nice long rest. 🙂

Carson is wearing…

Sweater: HORR Menswear – Tac-One Sweater (FREE Loving Kind…

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Wind Surfer

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL

Aesthetic 10

One more for the road…

I’m back in the Aesthetics body for one final look at The Springtime Aesthetics Hunt. My last look is from LeCock. The Springtime Denim Shorts and Tank Top is a cool look for the beach, the house or even out dancing. Be sure to check out the entire list of participating stores on the Springtime Aesthetics Hunt and remember that the hunt runs through the end of March.

And here is a list of all my posts from the Springtime Aesthetics Hunt:

While it has been fun to try a different look, I’m ready to “go back home”.   /me waves goodbye to Aesthetic Carson… It’s been fun!

Aesthetic Carson is wearing…

Outfit: LeCock – Springtime Denim Shorts and Tank Top (Springtime Aesthetics…

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Country Life

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL

Country Life

She said I could rez anything…

After I was allowed to decorate a corner of the house [Here],  it was then decided that my decorating skills would be put to better use outside…     While she was out, I got bored and decided to make the outdoor space a little more “me”. I found the perfect pose prop for the side yard. The Country Life Pose prop by Something New is a FREE group gift to members. This is a group pose, but Chester the goat (yes, there’s a goat wandering the property) ate the other two pose balls before I could gather some friends. The tractor and the sheep are included with this pose (you wouldn’t want Chester). The Something New group is FREE to join.

Late night online shopping…

Another sign of bordom is online shopping. I was told by more…

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Three Stores, Three Looks, Three Lindens

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL

Aesthetic 7

Treasure trail…

While working my way through the Springtime Aesthetics Hunt I found a Treasure Hunt Box full of items (too numerous to show them all) at TRIMMER BAY. So along with some other hunt items, I thought I’d mix and match a few the gifts for some unique looks. I paired the TRIMMER BAYRib Knit Anderson Blue Sweater and the Stewart Boxers out of the treasure box for a chilly morning, fresh out of bed look.

Aesthetic 8

Ripped and ready…

I found the Ripped off Tank Top at The Mesh (s)Hit and went back to the treasure box and pulled out the Metallic Sport Shorts another TRIMMER BAY gift. A nice look for working out or to remind you of that favorite shirt you just refuse to throw away…

Aesthetic 9

Appin muffins…

And the final look of the day is the CODED Stud Muffin Tee and the TRIMMER BAY

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The Evolution of a Hipster

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL

Hipster 1

A box and a box of smokes…

Serena messaged me and told me I was cray cray if I didn’t get down to The Hipster Fair as there were plenty of gifts to be had (and even a few gifts for guys). I popped on over and boy was it … PINK! Once I got used to the color scheme, I started going from store to store looking for the green mustaches for the guy gifts. I managed to find a few dollar gifts to make a couple of amazeball hipster looks to show you. The NIDOLO XIV Outfit can be picked up at the ARTIZANA booth for just $1L. This three-piece outfit consists of the mesh suit pants, mesh shirt w/ tie and mesh suit vest. The look is versatile as the vest and shirt can be worn separately. My Hipster Glasses are a $1L gift from KIB Designs

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