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Happily Dispatched

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL


Playing Fetch….

I was sent out for more firewood, but I really didn’t mind. I enjoy the stillness of a peaceful snowy morning. I even took some time to sit on a fallen log and listened to the deafening silence. I hope she doesn’t get too cold waiting for more kindling for the fire…

My Happy Place…

I was happy to find the Room Sweater and Pants, a subscriber gift from Happy Dispatch. While this outfit claims to be for Signature bodies only, It worked well on my ADAM body.  This outfit includes a texture HUD for 8 shirts and 4 pant textures.  The gift is easy to get. Just click the join group sign to subscribe and the click on the gift to receive this great outfit. The subscriber and the gift are both FREE. There are also past gifts available.

I hope your holiday weekend…

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A Cabin in the Woods

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL


One can dream…

One of my secret fantasies (no this isn’t getting naughty, sorry) is to be snowed in at a remote cabin. There is something very rustic about this dream (of course I would need internet). With plenty of books to read and watching the snow fall out the window, I believe it would be quite enjoyable for me…

Dreams aren’t the only things free…

I stopped by The Menstuff Lounge and found that the sim has once again changed. All the gift for all the ‘Stuff groups are on display along the street.  I happened across the gift provided by Tiffany Designs. The Andrew Casual Outfit includes the shirt, pants and shoes in sizes XS-XL, and looks warm enough for the coldest cabin.  While the gift is FREE, The Menstuff group does have a one time join fee of 50L.

I’ll see you in the spring….


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Slipping into Winter

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL


Seasons Change …Quickly!

I logged out to a nice Autumn scene, with leaves on the still green grass and a crispness in the air. I log back in a few hours later to find it had snowed and I’m slipping on the frozen ground. I happened to snap this quick shot before I fell right on my pixels….

Slick… Looking

At least I’m dressed for the weather in the FREE November group gift from R2A Creations. In this month’s gift you’ll find a Sweater, Jeans, Boots and a Cap.  This outfit comes fitted for the ADAM, Aesthetic, Signature, Slink and TMP bodies as well as XS-XL for classic bodies. The R2A Group is FREE to join and always has a monthly gift.

Now… Can someone please come over and shovel my walk?


Carson is wearing…

Mesh Body: ADAM -Mesh Body v2
Mesh Head: Catwa – Daniel v3.0

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Sometimes (Real) Life Gets in the Way

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL


Oh, Hey!

Sorry to have been MIA for most of November, but this month has been a total b!$@h. Real life just kept my attention way too much to get anything else accomplished. I want to thank my fellow bloggers for keeping busy finding great free finds and a warm (although late) welcome to Aline. I’ll stick my toe back in the proverbial blogging pool and test the waters…

Updates and Pixel Odor…

I was delighted when I actually had a bit of free time to find that both my head and mesh body had updates. (I can’t wait to wiggle my fingers) 🙂 It was also pointed out to me that I had been wearing the same outfit for over three weeks and it was starting to smell (can pixels smell?)  So I decided to leave the sanctuary in the clouds and hit a few stores.

This Jacket doesn’t…

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Fall Festival

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL

Fall Stand

Annual Events…

Every year in my neck of the woods, a fall festival is held the first two weekends in October. You can always count on at least one of the four days to be cold and rainy. This year didn’t disappoint because two days were wet and blustery. I feel sorry for the poor souls that have to sit out in the elements and hawk their wares.

Setting up the stand…

Today’s gifts are perfect for working a fall stand outside in the unforgiving elements. The Autumn Leaf Seat and the Autumn Chalk Board are FREE group gifts at EARTHWORX. Right now the group join is FREE, so hurry on dawn and pick up some nice fall decor gifts.

Bundling up…

My jacket is a group gift from !BBN! Bravura Boite Noir. The Winter Jacket is a Teleport Hub group gift. The jacket comes in sizes…

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Mr. Pumpkin Head

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL

Pumpkin Head

I’ve lost my head….

I’ve looked all over this corn field but I still can’t find my head. I tried on this jack-o-lantern, but it doesn’t fit quite right. Perhaps if you replace it with this skull I found, it will be a better fit…

Witch Hunters and Pumpkin Heads…

My look today is a combination of two gifts that I came across. The Witch Hunter costume is a FREE group gift at BlueMoon Enterprises it also comes with a matching female costume. (Astrid showed the Salem Witch Dress [HERE]) My head is a FREE gift at TheDarkness Monthly Event. Head over to the Kaju display and pick up your very own Mr. Pumpkin Head. This head comes with alpha masks to hid your head and even has a burning candle inside.


Carson is wearing…

Costume: BlueMoon Enterprises – Witch Hunter – Group Gift…

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Looking for Clues

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL

Looking for Clues

Caiben, Private Eye…

I jimmy the lock on the door, step inside and quietly shut the door behind me. I search through the desk drawers and come up empty. The papers on the desk also reveal nothing. The computer is still on and I see a file on the desktop. Bingo! Pulling out my thumb drive, I quickly copy the file and slip out the door unnoticed.

Sometimes a Gentleman…

I disheveled detective look is a Men Only Hunt 10 gift from AITUI. The Gentleman Open Jacket has the printed shirt attached.  The jacket comes in fitted sizes for Signature, Slink and TMP bodies, but it fit my ADAM body just fine.

His Second Life…

The ‘office’ is a FREE  store anniversary gift from Something New. His Second Life comes with four poses within the office. There is also a Her Second Life gift for the ladies.

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