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Brown, Blue, and 15K

GryphonWings  is taking part in the Ink’D  Hunt this month. The gift is the Special Edition Grunge Jeans.  Renee showed them the other day, but they look great on guys. My Vega Wife Beater came out at the gacha machine at WoE.

. WoE . Vega Wife Beater (Dirt) ~GW~ Special Edition Grunge Jeans (GIFT) INk'd Hunt


ChiChickie! has in their sub-o, the Aaron Cap. The color c can be changed to suit your mood. Robbish has Dog Tags as their August group gift. I know these will be taken down very soon, so grab them while you can. 

ChiChickie! Group Gift - August 8, Aaron Cap  Robbish Dog Tags GG

The Blue TomCat Suit comes from Dressing Aphrodite. It cost $10L, but looks great. I normally wouldn’t wear sneakers with a suit, but I just received the Baby Monkey Blue Striped Skate Shoes out of the FabFree group notices. FabFree just surpassed 15, 000 members and gifts are pouring in from all over.

DA Tomcat Plaid suit (Blue) $10L BM Skate Shoe Stripey - mens


CC Decor is also giving the FabFree members a gift. The Conversation Couch can also be found in the group notices. Just sit back and watch the gifts roll in.  🙂

CC Decor Conversation Couch  FF gift


*GW~ Special Edition Grunge Jeans  -Ink’d Hunt-   ($0L)
GryphonWings, Marshmellow (171, 38, 27)

*WoE  Vega Wife Beater (Dirt)  -Gacha Machine-  ($35L)
WoE  Main Store, Exodi (168, 133, 29)

*ChiChickie!  Aaron Cap   -Sub-o –  ($0L)
ChiChickie! , Pioneer (102, 219, 26)

*Robbish Dog Tags  -Group Gift-  ($0L)
Robbish, A New Beginning (229, 24, 21)

*DA Tomcat Plaid Suit (Blue)   ($10L)
Dressing Aphrodite, Sedna (29, 92, 1030)

* BM Blue Striped Skate Shoes  -FabFree Group Gift in notices- ($0L)
Baby Monkey Shoes, Dindrane Elfor (229, 55, 33)

*CC Decor Conversation Couch    -FabFree Group Gift in notices-   ($0L)
CC Decor, Chocolate Pie (194, 136, 26)




Blogger for FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL, troublemaker, (according to certain fellow bloggers) can be quite vexing, but an all around good guy. Please send review copies in a folder with any information necessary such as, Hunt, Lucky Chair, Midnight Mania Board, Group Gift and dates the item will be available.

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