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Make Him Over Hunt 4 #141 – 150

We’re getting close to the end of the line on the Make Him Over Hunt 4. Here are hunt locations #141 – 150.

#141 Gawk! Blue Hoodie Jacket

#141 Gawk!   Blue Hoodie


MHOH4 # 142 - DeeTalez Boyfriend Shirt Vic

#142 DeeTalez   Boyfriend Vic Shirt


MHOH4 # 143 - agapee Photo Container

#143 agapee    Photo Container with Poses (poses shown through #145)


MHOH4 # 144 - Little Britain Designs Army Bag

#144 Little Britain Designs   Army Bag


MHOH4 # 145 - .Ducknipple. Foebel Grey Sweater

#145 Ducknipple   Grey Sweater


MHOH4 # 146 - Dark Water Designs Weekender Outfit  MHOH4 # 148 - KamreK Creations Portable Model HUD

#146 Dark Water Designs   Weekender Outfit  
#148 KamreK Creations   Portable Model HUD (used for the rest of the post)


MHOH4 # 147 - ASKA Shapes by SHIKI Zaku Shapes (2)

#147 ASKA Shapes   Zaku Shapes


MHOH4 # 149 - Urban Republic Co.  Black Dragon Hooodie and Ripped Blue Jeans

#149 Urban Republic Co.   Black Dragon Hooodie and Ripped Blue Jeans


MHOH4 # 149 - Urban Republic Co.  TuercSkull Pants and Shirt

#149 Urban Republic Co.    TuercSkull Pants and Shirt


MHOH4 # 150 - Genesis Inc-Red Mesh Shirt and ark Blue Ribbed Sweater

#150 Genesis Inc.   Mesh Shirt and Dark Blue Ribbed Sweater


MHOH4 # 150 - Genesis Inc-Shapes,Tattoos-Free Maori Magic Tattoo

#150 Genesis Inc.   Maori Magic Tattoo

I’ll be back with the final hunt location soon… If my Flickr account doesn’t max out.  🙂

*Make Him Over Hunt 4 Gifts #141 – 150 ($0L)




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