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For the Love of Fall

I love this time of year, the crisp fall mornings, the falling leaves and of course, Halloween! Here’s a taste of Fall items you can find on the grid. 

 Fox Sugarplum provided to the members of Fabulously Free in SL  the +Fox+  Fall Groundcover.  This will add a touch of fall color to your yard.  The Pumpkin Pose is a Sub-o gift from aDORKable Poses.

Fox Fall Groundcover aDORKable Poses Subscribo Gift Pumpkin


If costumes are what you are craving this Halloween season, try on the Raven Costume from 22769 Casual Couture. This costume can be found on the Brothers Grimm Hunt. My friend here thought the costume rated a high-five.

22769 brothers grimm huntgift Raven Outfit (2)


What better of a place to look for Halloween supplies than the  HALLOWEEN Sim. If you join the Vinyl Cafe Group (the joiner is located next to the gift) This Spooky Scene with Spiderweb Tree can be yours.

MG Spooky Scene - Spiderweb Tree


Tribal Luv Thang Tattoos is participating in the Witches Brew 2 Hunt and the prize for the guys in the Batman Tattoo. There is also a women’s gift as well.

TLT Batman Tattoo Witches Brew 2 Hunt

And from A:S:S,  we have a Pumpkin Costume…err… or a Pumpkin…not much costume here. If you aren’t brave enough to wear it, then rez it and it makes a nice decoration.

ASS - Free Halloween costume

*+Fox+  Fall Groundcover  – Fab Free Group Notice Gift- ($0L)
Fabulously Free in SL

*aDORKable Poses Pumpkin Pose -Sub-o Gift- ($0L)
aDORKable Poses, The Deck (123, 188, 22)

* 22769 Raven Costume  -Brothers Grimm Hunt-  ($0L)
22769 Casual Couture, Sunny Island (110, 31, 22)

*MG Spooky Scene – Spiderweb Tree  -Group Join Gift-  ($0L)
HALLOWEEN, Halloween (128, 202, 26)

TLT Batman Tattoo -Witches Brew 2 Hunt- ($0L)
Tribal Luv Thang Tattoos, Novgorod (103, 223, 85)

A:S:S  Pumpkin Costume ($0L)
A:S:S ,  Space Illusion 2 (68, 60, 21)

*Additional Poses – Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-
Long Awkward Pose, Festivale (93, 154, 26)




Blogger for FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL, troublemaker, (according to certain fellow bloggers) can be quite vexing, but an all around good guy. Please send review copies in a folder with any information necessary such as, Hunt, Lucky Chair, Midnight Mania Board, Group Gift and dates the item will be available.

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