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Suitably Yours

The What’s The News Hunt is yielding some great finds. At Lash-Ware , you can find the Leather Pants and Black Turtleneck. Whether casual or clubbing, this is a great look.

LW What's the news - Hunt Leather Pants and Black Turtleneck

Also part of the What’s The News Hunt, KamreK Creations has as the hunt gift, the White V-Neck Henley.

KamreK Creations WTN Hunt Henley (2)

Another hunt happening at KamreK Creations is the ADNY Hunt. I modeled the Acid Mold Jeans earlier but the gift also comes with a Leather Jacket and Green Polo.

ADNY #37 KamreK Creations Black Leather Jacket, Green V Polo, and Acid Mold Jeans


Finally, my friends at Aqua have given their latest group gift to their members. The SuitablyYours Lowrise Jeans & Blue Shirt with Tie found an immediate spot in my closet. The shirt and tie are versatile that also looks great with a jacket and dress pants.

AQUA - SuitablyYoursLowrise Jeans - Gift - Male



*LW – Leather Pants and Black Turtleneck -WTNH- ($0L)
Lash-Ware, Realm Wars (240, 174, 23)

*KamreK Creations – Henley – WTNH- ($0L)
*KamreK Creations – Leather Jacket, Green Polo, & Acid Mold Jeans – ADNY Hunt  ($0L)
KamreK Creations, Gigli Terrace (220, 91, 1503)

*AQUA – SuitablyYours Lowrise Jeans & Blue Shirt w/ Tie – Group Gift – ($0L)
Aqua, ICON Lifestyle (36, 65, 21)

*Poses – Glitterati -Not Free-
Glitterati, Glitterati (128, 174, 22)




Blogger for FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL, troublemaker, (according to certain fellow bloggers) can be quite vexing, but an all around good guy. Please send review copies in a folder with any information necessary such as, Hunt, Lucky Chair, Midnight Mania Board, Group Gift and dates the item will be available.

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