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“The Missing Cogs”


Patrolling the skies of Second Life, the Bat hears on the police scanner that gears from the Steam4 Hunt are missing. One empty gear was found at an abandoned loft not far from his location.  

Steampunk Loft Window Shot

The Bat waits for the police to leave, then enters the loft to look for clues of his own.

22769 -Vintage Bat Outfit

He searches the loft in his Vintage Bat Outfit from 22769. No clues yet to the thief.

D&M Dream Furniture Stempunk Loft

While searching, The Bat concludes the Steampunk Loft was made by D&M Dream Furniture.

Cedar Bay Home Furnishings Scallywag Pirate Bed

“Searching has made me tired”, the Bat thinks to himself as he stretches out on the Scallywag Pirate Bed from Cedar Bay Home Furnishings. “If I could only rest a moment…. WAIT! The Bat never tires. It’s a TRAP!”

Yellow JesteR Heavy Breather

The Bat dons his Heavy Breather from Yellow JesteR. “Someone has filled the room with sleeping gas. And only one villain I know uses that.”

Avatar Bizarre, Double Dragon Gold Suit

“The Monicle! I know where I can find him. He only shops at Avatar Bizarre  buying suit like Double Dragon Gold Suit.”


Twisted Metal SteamWorks Fight or Flight Copter

The Bat hops on his Fight or Flight Copter from Twisted Metal SteamWorks hoping to catch the criminal before he steals another gear.

To Be Continued…  

*D&M Dream Furniture – Steampunk Loft ($0L)
Steam4 Hunt

*22769 -Vintage Bat Outfit ($0L)
Steam4 Hunt

*Cedar Bay Home Furnishings – Scallywag Pirate Bed ($0L)
Steam4 Hunt

*Yellow JesteR – Heavy Breather ($0L)
Steam4 Hunt

*Avatar Bizarre – Double Dragon Gold Suit ($0L)
Steam4 Hunt

*Twisted Metal SteamWorks –  Fight or Flight Copter ($0L)
Steam4 Hunt

*Poses – Long Awkward Pose -Not Free-




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