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Banana Monkeh

There is a free bag of goodies located inside the shop at J. Shawn Creations.  Included in the shopping bag are the Stardusk Hoodie and Neko Jeans.

J. Shawn Creations - Neko Jeans and Stardust hoodie

There is also a Grey T-Shirt, wich is well textured with a skin hugging fit.

JSC - Grrey T-Shirt


Another hoodie in the bag is the Banana Monkeh Hoodie.

JSC - Banana Monkeh Hoodie


And the final gift in the bag is the Rockin’ Riderz Hoodie. Ladies, there is also a female gift bag there too.

JSC .Rockin'Riderz. Hoodies Male


Hit the Midnight Mania Board at Embody Shapes and Poses for your chance to win the Gentleman Mega Pack. There are 25 poses included and a good addition to any pose collection.

*J.Shawn Creations – Neko Jeans ($0L)
*J.Shawn Creations – Stardust Hoodie ($0L)
*J.Shawn Creations – Grey T-Shirt ($0L)
*J.Shawn Creations – Banana Monkeh Hoodie ($0L)
*J.Shawn Creations – Rockin’ Riders Hoodie ($0L)

*Poses – Embody Gentleman Mega Pack ($0L)
Midnight Mania Board




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