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Dressed Like a Wizard


It’s just another day at Hogwarts, being chased by a dragon during a Quidditch match. With the last Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 being released, I thought I’d do my own nod to all things Harry Potter. Being a muggle, I turned to Serendipity Lecker (just don’t call her a mudblood) from Dressed Like a Wizard to gear me up wizard style. The Practice Broom, I’m riding is a gift from the World of Hogwarts  Roleplay sim.

Also at the World of Hogwarts, is the Gryffindor Quidditch Team Uniform. You have to be dressed right to catch the Golden Snitch after all. Also in the welcome package are applications if you are wizardly enough to attend Hogwarts.

WoH - Gryffindor Quidditch Team Package


To give me the signature look, Asael Timeless created the Lightning Bolt Scar which she also made available to the Dressed Like a Wizard group. You can find the Harry Potter Glasses at Skip to my Lou. While shopping at Diagon Alley, I came across a Gryffindor Pendant at Odds ‘n’ Ends. There are pendants for each house, even those vile Slytherins.

DLaW - Ligntning Bolt Scar   Skip to my Lou - Potter Glasses   Odds 'n' Ends Gryffindor Pendant


And no wizard could be complete without his very own wand. This Wizard’s Wand at Skip to my Lou was also in the package with the glasses.

Skip to My Lou - Wand


Last year, Renee and I did a post found here in Classroom Uniforms from Luna’s Boutique. It is still available, but tricky to find. Find the Classroom vendor at Luna’s and teleport to the holodeck and rez the classroom. at the back of the classroom there are free classroom uniforms for both guys and gals.

Lunas boutique - Classroom Male Uniform


There is a mini hunt starting at Diagon Alley. Find some cool wizard items on the All Hallows Hunt. Lewellen’s Fine Tailoring is offering the Black Mandarin Robe as a hunt prize. This might look good on Lucius Malfoy.

Lewellen's Fine Tailoring -  Black Mandarin Robe


Also to be found on the All Hallows Hunt at b[ELLEissima! are the Argyle Brown Warm Boots.

_b[ELLE] - Warm Boots - Argyle Brown


I also found some wizardly T-Shirts in the Dressed Like a Wizard group notices. Support your favorite house in the House T-Shirts. These come in grey, white, and black for each house.

DLaW - House T-Shirts

Also in the notices is the Pigfarts T-Shirt. Anyone attending Hogwarts knows what Pigfarts refers to. If you don’t know, just ask any first year.

DLaW - Pigfarts T-Shirt


And, when I’m not riding my broom I may be seen on my hippogryph. My Other Ride is… T-shirt is also available in the Dressed Like a Wizard group notices.

DLaW - My Other Ride...  T-Shirt


I’m off to find Hermione and Ron for a glass of Butterbeer, but don’t tell Hagrid. 🙂

*World of Hogwarts – Gryffindor Quidditch Team Package ($0L)
*World of Hogwarts – Practice Broom ($0L)

*Dressed Like a Wizard – Ligntning Bolt Scar  ($0L)
Group Gift (In Notices)
*Dressed Like a Wizard – House T-Shirts  ($0L)
Group Gift (In Notices)
*Dressed Like a Wizard – Pigfarts T-Shirt ($0L)
Group Gift (In Notices)
*Dressed Like a Wizard – My Other Ride…  T-Shirt  ($0L)
Group Gift (In Notices)

*Skip to my Lou – Potter Glasses   ($0L)
Skip to My Lou – Wizard’s Wand ($0L)

*Odds ‘n’ Ends – Gryffindor Pendant ($0L)

*Luna’s Boutique – Classroom Male Uniform  ($0L)

*Lewellen’s Fine Tailoring –  Black Mandarin Robe  ($0L)
All Hallows Hunt

b[ELLEissima!– Argyle Brown Warm Boots ($0L)
All Hallows Hunt

*Poses – Embody Shapes & Poses
Not Free




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