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Broncs & Blood, Steers & Mud

Hudson's Clothing Co. - Denim N Bead Set  ---  J.Shawn Creations - Grey T-Shirt ---   PEER Style - Azteca Jeans   ---  Urban Bohemian - Timber Boots

And they call the thing rodeo.    They also call the sim Rodeo. I cowboyed up in the Denim n Bead Set from Hudson”s Clothing Company. The group gift includes a Denim Hat, Choker Necklace and a Smoldering Cigar. The rest of my outfit comes courtesy of the MENStuff Lounge.  The Grey T-Shirt is the gift from J.Shawn Creations. I’m also wearing the Azteca Jeans provided by PEER Style. And the Timber Boots come by way of Urban Bohemian.

I took my turn on a bull and I lasted more than 8 seconds. I’d tell you how long I lasted, but then I’d be showing off.  🙂

Bull Riding

* Hudson’s Clothing Co. – Denim Hat ($0L)
* Hudson’s Clothing Co. – Men’s Choker ($0L)
* Hudson’s Clothing Co. – Smoldering Cigar ($0L)
Group Gift

* J.Shawn Creations – Grey T-Shirt ($0L)
MENstuff Lounge
* PEER Style – Azteca Jeans ($0L)
MENstuff Lounge
* Urban Bohemian – Timber Boots ($0L)
MENStuff Lounge

* Poses – OoO Studio
Not Free

Fab Carson



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