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As I previously mentioned, I’ve been on the hunt for housing since my landlord went missing in action and all the renters have been locked out of the sim. I stopped by La Flat for the In-Store Hunt that is taking place through September 15th for some new furnishings for my temporarily homeless self.

I took a look at the Marcello House which is half price during the hunt. It’s marked at $500L and has beautiful stained glass windows and a pond on the veranda, with rippling water and soothing sounds.

La Flat - Marcello House

On to the hunt items. the “Chre Collection” Hunt has ten pillows to find, each with cute furnishings for $10L each.

La Flat - Hunt Gifts

The hunt gifts are a Window Sunbeam, Owl Pillow, Blue and Cream Floral Rug, Canary Ottoman,  Canary Coffee Table, Gypsy Pillow, English Pigeon Mirror, Conure Armoir, Vinnie & Maddie Portrait, and Bluebirds for your Window .

La Flat - Birds for your Window

La Flat – Window Sunbeam ($10L)
La Flat – Owl Pillow ($10L)
La Flat – Blue and Cream Floral Rug ($10L)
La Flat – Canary Ottoman ($10L)
La Flat – Canary Coffee Table ($10L)
La Flat – Gypsy Pillow ($10L)
La Flat – English Pigeon Mirror ($10L)
La Flat – Conure Armoir ($10L)
La Flat – Vinnie & Maddie Portrait ($10L)
La Flat – Bluebirds for your Window ($10L)
La Flat – La Flat In-Store Hunt

Marcello House (Not Free $500L)

Fab Carson



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