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Roller Disco Fever

!Doux Petit Dark Jeans, SS Hanuni - Disco Fever Shirt, enLightened Rollerskates, .EMO-tions.  PATRICK Hair with Hat

I caught the Roller Disco Fever and it put me in bed for 24 hours. but I’m mobile again and on my feet …errr…. wheels to show you a few more hunt gifts from the Disco Hunt!Doux Petit has Dark Jeans as part of their hunt gift. The Disco Fever Shirt is the prize at Saris Creationsenlightened has Rollerskates  as part of the hunt gift (more about the rest of the gift in a second). And I’m also wearing the  EMO-tions Patrick Hair with Hat. Although this is not free ($245L), I thought it looked great with the Seventies theme.

enLightened - Roller Heaven Roller Disco

The other part of the enlightened Disco Hunt gift is the Roller Heaven Roller Disco. This skating rink has all the features you remember from the shoe counter to the snack bar. I hope they play the Hokey Pokey soon.  🙂

Roller Disco Fever

* !Doux Petit – Dark Jeans ($0L)
Disco Hunt

* Saris Creation’s – Disco Fever Shirt ($0L)
Disco Hunt

* enlightened – Rollerskates ($0L)
Disco Hunt
* enlightened – Roller Heaven Roller Disco ($0L)
Disco Hunt

* EMO-tions – Patrick Hair with Hat (NOT FREE $245L)

* Additional Pose –  Long Awkward Pose
Not Free

Fab Carson



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