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We Are Family

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL

We Are Family


A family is a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation. And the family I have here at FabFree is united together to bring you the best in free and inexpensive items for all of you on a budget (or if you just like good deals)! We often pass information to each other about the things we’ve seen that my be more someone else’s style than our own… (you won’t ever see me in a skirt and heels). 😃 My fellow bloggers and a few of my friends that point me in the way of sweet deals are my SL family. A guy couldn’t be more lucky!

I’ve been framed!

I’ve taken the time to frame my family (now I sound like a mobster) and honor them as they should be. I found while hunting on the Fame & Fortune Hunt 2 the Hall of…

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