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Lighting up…

As a former smoker, (yeah, I was a bad boy in my misspent youth) you never get over the urge to light one up and take a deep drag off a cigarette. And the worst time to get those cravings is when I’m under the weather, I don’t know why that is, it just happens. But I also know that cigarettes are like potato chips, I can’t have just one, so it’s best they stay in the pack. I’ll start out taking about the pose. Blaze by +Kiss Me Poses+ is made for bento hands, but I was lucky enough to make my clumsy non-bento ADAM hands work… PLEASE UPDATE ME SOON!!!!! The smoking cigarette (ahem) is included but the cigarette package is not. And before anyone asks, (and I know I will get asked) the cigarette pack came from a pose…

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