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Oh Sexy Gullfriend

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Oh Sexy Gull Friend

The gulls on the beach…

It never fails. Every time I go to the beach, they flock to me. It doesn’t matter if I am wearing a hoodie or no shirt at all. They all squawk in my ear trying to be the one to get my attention. They all display themselves to me hoping I notice. I really believe they just want me give them dinner…

I CDC you…

I stopped by CDC Creations and took advantage of the different group gifts displayed on the counter. Among the gifts, was a gift for the Third Life group, the Long Sleeve Black Hoodie. The Third Life group does cost 10L to join, but I am always finding gifts from this group. Also on the counter was a FREE gift from the DM::: group. The Dark Green Cargo Shorts are FREEwhen you join the group which is also

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