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Nothing but steam…

Ok, not the ideal place for my radiator to spring a leak, but I’m have to make due.  I saw a house a mile or so back. I could go there and ask for help, but it did look old and abandoned. maybe I should walk up ahead and made find some help.

Maybe I should have stayed with the car. The farther I walk the foggier it gets. Today I’m wearing the Wyatt Open Shirt a FREE group gift at Ashbury. The group is also FREE to join. I’m still wearing the Brooklyn Pants (with a different texture) from TentatioN  I modeled yesterday [HERE] along with the Barcelona Shoes by A&D Clothing.

The fog is starting to thin a bit. I think I see someone up ahead. They seem to be wearing a fedora and a striped sweater. I made it to…

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