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Gone Surfin’

FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL

Gone Surfing

A picture is worth a 144 characters…

She texts me, telling me about her horrible experience with her online booking for her spa weekend. She asks me where I am as, she’s home and I’m nowhere to be found. Instead of taking the time to type out what I am doing, I just thought that a picture would convey the answer to her question just as easy… Yeah, I know I’m in for it when I get home… /me sighs

Too cute for my own good….

I wanted to let you know about a hunt that is happening on the Marketplace called the Too Cute Marketplace Hunt. Each store that is participating has two gifts somewhere in their marketplace store that just costs 5L. The gifts will be denoted with two adorable kittens, letting you know that you’ve discovered the prize. I found the G-litter-othic Mesh T-Shirt at :.C!L.:

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FabFree - Fabulously Free in SL


Morning rush…

While most people are still sleeping on this holiday Monday in the United States, I’m up at dawn and ready to catch a few waves before breakfast. While she’s off on her mini spa vacation, I slept in the van on the beach, just to be one of the first in the water. I’ll take a few waves then set out to all the backyard BBQs I’ve been invited to.

Stripes or solids?

I found two group gifts perfect for this mornings boarding. By joining the group for FREE at Lavarock Creations, you can pick up the Robin Male Shorts. The shorts come with a texture HUD with five different colors that you can choose between solids or stripes for ten different looks. The Robin Shorts are fitted for the following body types:

  • ADAM
  • Aesthetic
  • Belleza
  • Signature
  • Slink

Not a crying towel…

I also found the

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