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Back in the Stacks

Back in the Stacks

I’d like to say that I had a relaxing uninterrupted three months off from the grind, but that just isn’t the case.  While I had heard rumors and speculation for several months prior to summer break, it wasn’t until three days before my summer began that I was told the news. My workspace was getting renovated with new carpet and paint. (I couldn’t talk them into new shelving). And I needed everything moved out ASAP. So how does one move over 10,000 books as quickly as possible and the bigger question was where was I going to store them?

With my usual quick thinking, I had a plan in place, made sure the space I wanted to use was available and away I went. As soon as the building was cleared on the last day I began the move. I was offered help but decided it would be easier for me to do it myself than have to babysit a couple of teenagers making sure everything was done in the right order.

After four long days, I had everything removed. It was time for the maintenance staff to move out the fixtures. My hands were swollen from the constant picking up and moving all those books, but the job was done, or at least half done. I was still going to have to move them back once the room was ready. I left the empty room and I was able to enjoy a few weeks of R&R.

A few weeks later, I was back at it, moving everything back in reverse order. With the janitorial staff constantly asking when I was going to be done because that just HAD to get into the rooms I was using to wax the floors. It took another four long days, but I finally put the last book in place and was pleased with the results. I had the summer staff put the shelves into a new configuration (if we are going to make it look new, then things had to be different, right?) With the job completed, I was able to rest the last few weeks of vacation.

So now I’m back at work. Where did the summer go?

Carson is wearing…

Mesh Body: ADAM -Mesh Body v2
Mesh Head: Catwa – Daniel v3.0
Head Applier: Labyrinth – Tylar
Beard Applier: Nivaro – Jawline
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Evening
Top: Resun Fashion – James Jacket and Shirt – August Group Gift (Free to members / 100L to join)
Pants: Resoun Fashion –  Leonard Pants – July Group Gift  (Free to members / 100L to join)



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