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The Best of Friends

A Little R&R

I have been looking back over the past few days and counting the number of random acts of kindness that I have been the recipient of. I am very blessed by the people around me.

It started on Friday morning, which was going to be a very busy day for me. As I was driving to work, the trusty ol’ truck started misbehaving and I pulled over to take a peek at the possible issue. A coworker pulled up behind me and asked if I needed a ride. I thought that I could limp it the rest of the way to work and she was kind enough to follow me the last few miles.

Now this alone would mess up anyone’s day, but I was too focused on the tasks I knew I had to do to let it bother me. I asked a friend if he could possibly take a look and confirm my suspicions if he had a chance. In no time he was back, broken part in hand. He set it on my desk then handed me a slip of paper with the part number and where to purchase it. He said that when I got the part he would replace it for me. WOW! I’m feeling like a very lucky guy. Not only because the part was not that expensive, but he was taking the time out of his busy schedule to help a friend out. A coworker offered me a lift home and my neighbor offered to run me to the parts store. I reflected on the day and realized how lucky I was to have friends like this.

Bright and early the next morning my friend messaged me and said he was heading out to fix my truck and wanted to know if I wanted to go with him. In just a few minutes, the truck was once again in working order. He also inspected the rest of the front end and suggested I replace another part as I was able. I thanked him several times and I was on the road once again, grateful to everyone that helped me.

Sunday morning as I was on my way to church, my neighbor that gave me the lift asked if I was stopping by the pharmacy. I told him I could as it was on the way home and asked if I could stop and pick up his medications as his wife had forgotten to do so. Not a problem, I told him, thinking back to how he helped me out just a little more than a day ago. I made my stops and as I took him his meds, I glanced over to my yard. He had cut my grass, a chore I was dreading this afternoon.

I’ve learned that friends help friends as we can. Sometimes a small act of kindness on one’s part is a huge relief to the other. I appreciate every single one of my friends, real and pixilated.

Now, I can kick back and relax on this sunny afternoon and know I am very lucky to have the friends that I do.

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