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The Last Word

The Last Word

People disagree on many issues. It’s human nature to want your opinions heard, be it right or wrong.  Some people politely listen to your point of view and may offer theirs. Others are unwilling to hear what you have to say and feel like theirs is the only opinion that matters. And the debate will rage on, be it face to face, on social media, phone calls or texts.

And there are the people that feel that if they get the last word in, their opinion must have been the right one. I’ve dealt with that situation lately. I stated my position clearly and without any emotional passion that comes from a heated debate. I stated that this is my opinion, I had made my position clear on the matter and didn’t want or need any further response on the matter. It wasn’t long before the next text comes through. After reading the first two lines, I knew that what I had to say wasn’t taken into context and that no matter what I said, it wouldn’t matter. I hit the delete button, not reading the rest…   The last word left unread.

After much thought, I realized I had spent far too much time and energy trying to get my ideas and thoughts across to someone that, for whatever reason, was unwilling to step back and take a nonbiased, unemotional look at what I was trying to convey. There was simply no point in trying to further deal with the issue. It wasn’t worth the effort and stress to continue further. It is too bad when friends disagree so badly that the only way to get the last word is to simply say …


Carson is wearing…

Mesh Body: ADAM -Mesh Body v2
Mesh Head: Catwa – Daniel v3.0
Head Applier: Labyrinth – Tylar
Beard Applier: Nivaro – Jawline
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes – Evening
Pants: Giz Seorn – GizzA – Pierre Buttoned Jean [Black]
Jacket – Giz Seorn – GizzA – Pierre Trenchcoat [NavyBlue]
Shoes: A&D Clothing – Boston

Pose – Wrong  – W1     Group Gift  FREE 0L/0L to join

Sim: The Last Forever




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